Our primary business model is, that our foreign clients can book a resource with us, who will be supporting client’s organization, remotely from our excellence center in India, in a dedicated and exclusive manner. Practically, we have the experience and tradition of setting up an external-remote-team for our clients, whom the client should treat and manage, as integral part of their organization. The only difference is, they are placed remotely in India, with the advantages and lot of flexibility associated with this proven and successful method. Further, we provide Indian resources on freelance basis, for projects of shorter duration, and send resources for long term association to client’s location, for example on blue-card-basis to Germany. As we have a lot of flexibility in our service, we would be happy to respond to any inquiry, and think together with our clients, to make it possible.


We are into skills-supply-business. As a premium-service-provider, we provide high-end- resources from India, for our clients. Primarily, the need of the customer is in terms of: shortage of availability of skilled resources in their country, flexibility of hiring, and of course the high cost in their home country. Here, we cater into their needs, in a very flexible, less expensive, and minimum governance, manner. We deliver all technologies, which is available in the international market.


We founded Heidelsoft to become an efficient and trusted IT-Service-Provider for the German speaking region countries, and we have succeeded in that. With our strong German background, a co-operation with this region of the market, is easy for us, as we are well aware of the market and frameworks required for this region, for smooth functioning of an association. Both the founding directors of Heidelsoft have a lot of years of experience in Germany. Dr. Joshy Parookkaran, CEO of the company, has studied in Germany, has professional experience from Germany, speaks excellent German, and is very passionate about Germany. Every six months he goes for a brief visit to Germany, but otherwise he is located at our Excellence Centre in India, to lead the team locally. Mr. Günter Wiskot is a German citizen, lives permanently in Germany, and he is there to take care of all the needs of our customers. Heidelsoft has its offices both in India and Germany. Though we serve traditionally our German speaking clients, we also work with entire Europe, and other countries across the globe, whomsoever “sourcing from India” is considered as “attractive”.

Our Founders


Dr. Joshy Parookkaran

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joshy Parookkaran is a well-experienced professional and a leader who founded HEIDELSOFT Technologies  Private Limited, with offices in Germany and India. Heidelsoft Technologies was established with the aim of serving small and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region. Having spent more than two decades in Germany, he has relocated back to India with a passion to live here.


Günter Wiskot


Mr. Günter Wiskot is an Indo-German expert, spending most of his time in Germany. He is very passionate about India, and a frequent traveller to India. In his career, Günter has founded a few companies himself, otherwise has been part of multiple business ventures, majorly in the IT-sector. He is always ready to connect with potential customers, responding to whatever queries customers have, in terms of an association with Heidelsoft.


In general terms, our client base consists of small and medium sized companies. Having said that, it also happens that the client organization is a multi-national or a corporate in nature, but their IT-Division is relatively small. For example, we operate with the leading market player in the construction area of Europe, with many thousands of employees, but it suits to us, since their IT is relatively small – as they are of the core domain construction, which is non-IT. Hence, we consider ourselves as partner for any client organization, which would like to “source from India”, in IT, IT-enabled services, or Engineering.


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