Add-in Express for MS Office and .NET


If We are developing Office add-ins, it is difficult to do so without Add-in Express!

Add-in Express is a framework using for developing the Microsoft Office extensions. It can easily incorporate with different editions of Visual Studio and Microsoft Office. It provides us a range of options for choosing visual designers, templates and deployment tools that helps the development of Microsoft extensions in an easy way.

One project for different Office versions and applications!

We can use add-in Express with different programming languages in .Net framework and different versions of Microsoft Office from 2000 to Office 2019 of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other apps

We can use visual designers and components instead of coding!

Add-in Express offers us a component-centric programming model. It has plenty of Office-specific components, wizards and designers that make our Office plugin development fast and easy.

In general, we can use add-In Express to:

Create our own or customize toolbars, menus and sub-menus for MS Office applications.

Customize existing tabs for the MS Office Ribbon UI.

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and Office Menu.

Build the Backstage View for MS Office 2010 – 2019.

Create custom task panes for MS Office applications.

Customize Outlook windows, views and forms with Advanced Form Regions.

Develop application-level keyboard shortcuts.

Add Microsoft Outlook option and property pages.

Use any .NET controls on Office toolbars.

Intercept any built-in controls.

Develop Smart Tag recognizers.

Program Microsoft Excel Real-Time Data servers and topics.


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