Why Salesforce CRM have the edge over its competitors


Salesforce have over 19% market share compared to the SAP which is in the 2nd spot having a market share of 8.3% as per the study conducted by Gartner in 2018. So, let’s discuss some of the points why Salesforce have the edge over its competitors in CRM Market.

Offerings for each functional areas of a company

Salesforce is a could based CRM which helps company to run efficiently and profitably by minimizing the cost of hardware infrastructure. Salesforce have offerings for each functional areas of a company.

  • Salesforce in Marketing Team

Salesforce offers marketing cloud for marketing team to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and can provide leads to their sales team.

  • Salesforce in Customer Support Team

Salesforce offers Service cloud for customer support team to effectively manage customer cases and request and also provide features like Live Agent which allows agent to chat with their customers.

  • Salesforce in Management

With stunning dashboards and extensive reporting capabilities, Salesforce provide the management with visibility on what’s happening within their organization.

  • Salesforce in Training

Salesforce has a very vigorous training and support features that are well above what its competitors provide.

  • Salesforce in Application Integration

Salesforce can be integrated with other systems using its extensive API framework. Salesforce provide several API’s for all type of integration needs.

Option to customize CRM based on company requirements

Salesforce CRM provide a lot of customization options which no other competitors can match. The platform can be customized without the support of any developers. But if a company’s requirement is complex, then Salesforce provide options for developer to create new features with the CRM.

Appexchange for almost everything

Salesforce have strong partner support and because of that its appexchange contains products which caters to almost all requirements of a company. A company can search through the appexchange and install a product suits their requirement.

Most innovative company

Salesforce voted as most innovative company for several years. This is clearly visible in the features they provide in their platform. Their latest offering Einstein provide its customers to leverage the benefits on Artificial Intelligence without the need of hiring development resources.

So, from the above points it is clear that there are no companies in CRM space which can match the features and offerings salesforce provides to their customers.

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